The Star of White Light

In the dead of the night
a curious sight
to my open third eye
did appear.

A star of white light
avatar of
second sight
burned so brightly
to banish all

My astral form
did then rise
into burning black
seeking gnosis
beyond which lay

Spirals of spirits
crowded round
my heart’s song
did resound
soaring high
soulful cries
final proof.

The dreamstate takes on a feeling of a slumbering life lived alongside the awakened life. Leaving the material world at night requires a preparation as of one going camping for an extended period of time, or leaving the country for more southern climes, seeking absolution for crimes against the soul. Tendering forgiveness does not last past the last gasp of consciousness when the soul takes over and Self is relegated to observer alone, participating in wierd scenarios like a spiritual impresario counting ducats while the play does proceed. Otherworldly loves and situations in relation to the purposes of destiny and fate, beyond the waking mind’s capacities to relate meaning to remain the proof of Divinity’s power play in our lives. The gift of forgetfulness is born on the wings of knowledge torn from our conscious awareness and perhaps that is often for the best, the test of life being the ability to relate otherworldly information to the state of the soul at each given point of consideration…a nation of Searchers wander the dreamscapes, sojourning amidst demons and demagogues, questing for the Holy Grail. The star of white light burns so brightly, obscuring sight from mortal eyes leaving truth clearly visible.

Wakening from the dream
nothing is as it seems
open lies masquarade as
the Truth.

Relating the stream
of spiritual knowledge gained
between states of consciousness
reveals the last proof.

Daily trials come to mind
leaving nightmares behind
answers arise
while in the skies
wormwood appears.

Souls then cry out to G-d
to come finish the job
bended knees worship
banishes all


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