The Last and Most Important Day

Ok, shall I be safe?

Not speak about certain realities
to your face?

Leave the vagaries of race,
culture and society to be spoken of
in monochromatic space?

Polite company doesn’t talk about
those things, I know,

Polite company cultivates the
frame of thought,
isn’t it so,

taught from the earliest ages to
deny what has brought them

to downplay the extent of their riches
and to proceed with stealth

while Nibiru stalks the Earth and
greenhouse gases and tectonic forces
herald a momentous and world-changing

Shall I speak of elections?
Of donkeys and elephants fighting?

Look! It’s a Hierophant sighting
as the Zodiac comes to life,

and wierd creatures fly through
the sky!

As the trees speak their mind
and the rocks turn and sigh,

Restless and waiting upon Divine

To replace the workings of man
with a renewed and vibrant

Come, let us stand together
and reason.

The cause of our earthly separation
has outlived its season.

No longer do the causes of Mankind
as the rules of engagement continue
to deny

That fundamental change is on the way,
that your petty and vicious methods
no longer hold sway,

That today, is the last and most important
the day that we realize that no one,

absolutely no one at all,

is safe.


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