Earth Goddess

Orbiting stately
in formal procession
around Sol with
her sisters
Gaia sings in tune
with my soul.

She steps daintily
dodging asteroids and
solar storms
Her magnetic corona
The aura of her laughter
echoing ghost-like
in the wan light of
a polar sun.

Tropical depressions
spin clock-wise
Coriolis dreams
circle in search of purchase
tossed by fretful storms
and jet- stream airforms
that burdgeon with
the cries of spirits yearning
for love
lost to life swirling down
into a vortex of
undreamt possibility.

Hips spanning the Atlantic
her girth a sensual mound
of earthen expanse
her breasts suckled by
scions of air and light
the atmosphere itself
a fountain
of heavenly delight.

Eyes deep as oceans
brown as muddy waters
carried by the Nile
Amazon shores green
and filled with life flow
into the Blue Danube
beyond the sight
of humankind.

Earth Goddess she is
her soul split in
infinite reflection of
her eyes
her legs
her hips
her breasts
formed and reformed in
every shape
color and size
Venus quantified.


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