and shine bright,

I want to spend
the rest of my life
with you.

Sipping tea in the cool of the eve,
listening to the songs of cicadas
and bullfrogs courting,

Watching the trees grow and the
stars age in tandem with Time’s
soulful march,

The wide open sky calling us both
as we hold hands and rock talking about
the day,
the precious taste of love a burst of
sweetness in mouths well familiar
with each other’s souls,
the smooth, creamy center of the joys
we share.

Making love to you in slow motion
watching life pass by in
your eyes,
the sensual heat of auric mingling
a tantric expression of twoness
become oneness,
a sameness in the kind of love
you give to me,
so just

and shine long,

I want to grow old
with you.

Count the wrinkles on your face
as the measure of our years together,
tickle you under the covers
and complain about my
arthiritis while you rub my back
and whisper secret sounds
to my soul,

Listen to the children
and grandchildren mutter
about life’s twists and turns,
smiling in understanding
as we share the wisdom
of our years.

Walking slowly down the lane
as the light dims on our time
in the sun,
the evening shadows lenthening,
the wonder of tommorrow a promise
reminiscent of the blessing of
so many yesterdays.

So please,

and shine on

I want to die
with you in my arms.

Spiritual twin, sending me spinning
lost in wonder and so many miracles
of you
and I sharing life after life,
bonded across time,
making love to
the light.

Take me with you
in thought, and our dreams shall
become one.

Feel me close to you
in soul,
and the vision of eternity will
open into vistas undreamt.

I want to be…

I have to be…

I need to be…

I am that one,
that love,
that sun,
that rises in your eyes, as you
rise, in mine.


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