The Eye of the Sun: Crux of Illusory Being

3rd density illusion-ation
de-forestation of souls simply
oblivious to time-lines crossed
and re-crossed
alternate realities tossed
aside, manipulated
like carnival rides by
despondant Demons
too selfish to ascend
too needy to flee
the pleasure of this world
for the safety
of Eternity.

Mind and soul manipulation
body’s capitulation to
the Grind,
never minding the senseless
nature of consumptive anger
time outside of mind,
remorseless tuning of the Divine
4th density soul-tripping,
emotions boiling like stew
on a slow brew
percolating like blood wine
and unsolved crimes.

1st density stances,
consciousness incarnate
dualistically with 2nd density plants
cause celebre of animalistic trances,
timeless romances with the flesh
the test to achieve, trees
dogs and cats believe,
incarnating up-station
into a 3rd density nation
relations unbound,

Up 1/4
the fatal retort is
as 4th density entities
consume us like beef,
engorge themselves on
our emotional wealth,
plotting stealthily
chewing souls like
kanda leaves.

Mind manipulation and
forever rewinding
our minds,
traveling back to the future
and forth to the past
we gasp,
unable to catch our breath
as if we were high off
Crystal Meth,
unaware that we’re barely inches
from death,
every moment we refuse
to foment awareness of
Reality as it seems to be,
regarding our status as bio-chemical
pieces of meat.

Devoured like flowers
by Buddha,
pureed like tomatoes
on dry ice
by the Christ.

Damballa fries us up
like sauteed impalas,
Yemaya deep stews
prayers and sniffs the air,
adding a bit of sea salt,
for flair.

3rd density linearity is
the Crux of Illusory Being,
4th density entities
have a different way of seeing,
past, present and future
laid out like a line,
they dip in and dip out
changing lives

every time.

Alternate universes diverge and
discourse as our choices
compound without
buyer’s remorse,
despite trauma and heartache
we forge through the dark
unaware of Reality
like cows in a park,
chewing cud, so contentedly,
till the Ranchers arrive,
their Predator‘s eyes glinting hungrily
to claim the cattle’s lives.

The food-chain ascends
until reunion with The One,
ultimate knowing
always flowing
until ignorance is done;
soul’s discipline demands
emotional control
the mode of Ascention,
becoming aware of the
Predator‘s mind
the only defense against
being eaten this time,
until Reunion and Oneness 
and we each chose to
fly, never looking back,
into the Eye of 
the Sun.


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