Static Renewal, or, the Sun of Transcendent Vision


Bumbling, blessed;
burned by the
beneficent beliefs of duplicitous Humanity
we Fall,
raining lust and loneliness upon the


Yet, truly,
lies the death of us
benighted souls beginning the journey
tied to lives past,
never realizing that momentary madness
is indicative of the Eternal,
and that there really is nothing new
under the Sun.


While we wait upon the Water of Life
to revive our shattered souls
– in the Infinite Interim –
Jesus nudges Buddha who snorts Manna
from Heaven, providing sustenance to
the Mahdi, who,
chuckling uncontrollably,
sends Kali and Shiva into paroxysms of panic,
Arjuna and Siddhartha observing the scene
– nail-biting, niggling nods to normality –
shivering in the cold of impotent


But, there is hope!
Indubitably so, inevitably iridescent,
reminiscent of Rebirth.


Beyond Life, Death calls and
the Sun of Transcendent Vision
shines soul-born, spirit-destined and
mind-altered in recognition of the body’s
blessed Being-ness,
harmonizing hallelujah and hosannah,
while the Heavenly Chorus hums.



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