Beastly Bones

A beast of a man
he was
solidly comfortable in
his disfunction.

Earth-like he moved
with his anger his
a tectonic tempest
his breath muddy with
the turgid ruminations of
so subtle insinuation
his shortcomings legend in
certain circles.

Watery ripples of tepid
marked the concentric circles
of his emotional life
the outermost a welcoming
crest of wave-like motion
drawing the curious and
lost alike
each succeding circle denser
molecules packed tightly
bemoaning cruel fate’s
moment upon moment
gathering, crusty and green
like barnacles and

Fiery tempest contained
lid barely retained
trembling streaming vacuum
swirling vapors scalding hot
phoenix-like emanations
bursting incandescent
wispy vacuous visions of
emotional satiation
salvation sought in the
heat of a flame’s golden

Windy breath of whispered
airy openness emulating
egress upon High
transcendent soaring
a falcon’s eye glaring
farsighted vision otherworldy
in nature opening eyes
seeking light
focusing sight upon the
most intimate and holy
of delights.

A contradiction of a man
body wasting away
time’s irreversible march
calling his beastly


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