A Synna’s Song: Heaven’s rebirth

In vain
we long for one another

As orchestral strains
define shared

Choruses of joy denounce
the pain of our chosen

Libations of Love
kind regard and shared
mirth affirm self-worth

As we attempt to
live Heaven here
on Earth

a Rebirth of the
Ideal of Love

perfectly poised
upon a pedestal
of possibility

Softly sensual seduction

Singing the song of
Twin Souls

Sending me soaring

Laughingly entertwined

Whispered coos of
Eternal Fealty

Poetic Realities combined
words soothing hearts moving

The lines run
one into the next
as we merge
inextricably vexed by our
capacity to Become

Attempting verbiage to
express the inexpressible
venerable vibrations
contextually reduced to
sensual satiation

Relaxing into the moment
eyes locked into the
Other’s Soul
bodies burning in need of
each other’s
magnetic resonation
my seed seeking Eternal

In the spirit of
her Poetic Innovation

Experiencing Gnostic Revelation
G-d in We
a form of
Foundational Interrelation
we are the Love we bleed
hanging upon the
Experiential Cross

Being tossed upon
Infernal Waves of Desire
restless dreams of
all-encompassing fire

Reverbrating in Infinite Directions
convective magma circulating

Kundalini percolating
coaxing Svadisthana upwards
and out of
our Chakra’d Souls

Linked beyond a doubt

Love permeates All
Synna’s Song forstalls
the reckoning

Heaven’s Rebirth
A squall above the Earth

Her eyes holding all Truth
finding completion in my heart
Eternal Youth binds us both

Together as One as
fingers linked
our Blessed Union is


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