God is Love

I am so blessed.

I have people in my life who love me. Who really, really love me. Immediate and extended biological family, spiritual family and friends who are genuinely concerned and who sacrifice of themselves in the give and take of intimacy that defines closeness and true kinship, above and beyond the call of societal niceties and what is expected.

I feel blessed to be able to receive such love. I pray that I am able to give such love in return. To be there for family and friends when they need me like they are for me when they are needed. To be able to open myself to the extent that I can offer them succor and comfort when they are feeling down and out.

I am thankful for the blessing of friendship offered and received. I pray that I can open myself up to the extent that I see past selfish desires to possess and hold on to people for my own reasons. That I am able to truly live the truism that love is free and unconditional. To be able to practice the preaching that love is kind, giving and understanding, not cruel, selfish and unyielding.

I pray for the wisdom to be able to accept love. To be able to recognize the boundaries between giving love and selfish love. To be able to move within love and let love shape me rather than me shaping it. To be able to recognize the truth of love and the many shades and variations of love, as well as the best way to reflect that love and return it in kind.

I am grateful for the life I’ve lived and the lessons I’ve learned along the way. The many faces of joy and heartache, the boundaries of the extremes and the infinite abyss at the core of love. The expression of love as breath, the vital ingredient necessary in the living and understanding of the human condition.

I want to be love. I want to open myself fully to love. To release the holds upon me, the restraints that bind me within the constraints of society. To open the doors to a tsunami of love and feel myself washed away in the torrent. To seep into being, soaked in love, saturated with it, manifesting love in all aspects of my relationships and life.

I thank G-d for love. I hope to live up to love in time, as all else falls away through hard experience and broken dreams. I want to die in love, for love, embracing love with all of my being. I want love to flay me of all emotional detritus, leaving only the heart of me, sans desire, sans lust, sans want.

Love is a blessing.


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