Infinite Fractures

I woke considering my day done. Vivid images shuttered border night as daily drones dance in the sun’s bright light. Events in time click frame-like, receding into hologram. Moments mount massing mountainous upon the horizon souls synch, jarringly cacaphonic. Tendrils lotus-blossomed in potentiality sway etheric, eyes meet across coffee. Thought divined as action drives momentum forward, dreams and goals beckon urgently beyond.

Seeds of thought germinate.

Sparing Spring the burden of dashed dreams, Earth renders her fruit between the cracks of city streets. Brilliance gleams between corners and in the black of eyes shining in the dark. Day burns broken promises into memory, missed opportunities clash with desperate choices. Neural nets fire static shots of sense through storms of amino-driven emotions, intent upon dissolution.

Visions of dark days light the nights.

Eternal, archetypal, a distant father lies behind the eyes of a friend. Again and again, faces transcend places and familiar spirits bind families of intent, incarnate upon the wind. Releasing, memory sobs bereft, adrift in the Real.

A potion reveals intent as witches circle round. Hierophants wait in the wings, impatient. A friend calls, opening the Now to possibility. Bonds unbroken stretch into eternity between you and I, fractured infinitely. Circles spiral round and down through black holes up and out.Doubt doubles down on knees hitting the ground as thought recedes.

Seven pounds. A soul released, free to Be. Spirits hover round. Moments amassed mount trembling ecstatic. Souls hum, harmoniously. Fingers touch, hesitant. Action recessed as thought murmurs and drones, diffused tendrils retract, only barely reticent. Dreams and goals shuttered border day as the hive pauses for breath. I slept considering my night begun.


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