Mad Love

and it goes a lil
somethin’ like this …

… i missed the scene
during which –
somewhere between
heaven and hell –
I fell,
then stopped mid-point
to smoke a bombastic joint
and chill for a few lifetimes,

swearin’ to myself
that next time I was gonna be
an elf,
that this whole human being
thing – swingin’ from
a vine on the
Tree of Life
ain’t worth the time
rent or strife, cause

i’ve spent way too much
energy on the synergy
between materiality and

my natural mind expandin’
past the barrier of
the sky
only to be immediately
by some punk-ass angel from
up on high,

irritatin’ me to no end
since his winged and multiply-eyed
behind should have been
tendin’ to Lucifer and his crew …

… instead of snitchin’ on me
and grumblin’ ’bout’chu,

my soul grown deep like the
river styx
and wide like my baby’s eyes,
starin’ deep into my soul
attemptin’ to see past
my simple goal

of make it to the next day
without dyin’,
at least without tryin’
a lil bit’a everythin’ under the sun

under the holy gun
i fall a little lower,
– stop havin’ fun –

the heat from the
7th ring of hell
ringing that inner bell that
tells me
i’ve dropped a little too low,
that i need to take it on back
to my natural flow,

comin’ back down to Earth
for another rebirth
where i can take it
nice and slow,

chillaxin’ and maxin’ out
on my material growth,
leavin’ the drama behind
as i soar back up
into the spiritual realms,
instead of messin’ around
down here

flounderin’ far and near
wallowin’ in the searing heat
just a piece of meat
to be roasted and damned
like the other sinners
’round this spot,

rotten to the core,
droppin’ to the floor,
stoppin’ for some more
of that orgiastic repast

that lasts
till we decide that
we the playas not the played,
even tho’
we all waitin’ on the
End of Days …

… tryin’ ta pray all at
the last minute,
cause every single one of us
is all up innit,

but i ain’t playin’ round
these parts no more,
i wish that angel’d come back
to show me the door
so i can move up and on past
this place,
and continue on
this eternal race …

… pass me a drank.

I needs me a lil taste.


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