The Crucible of Knowledge and Wisdom Trined

I move through crowds
Like Morpheus through
The Matrix
Like Black Orpheus
I’m the Amorphous One
Blending Dark and Light
Shining like the Sun.

Death pursues me
Karma accrues to me as
The sound of my feet

Through the darkest streets
In infinite echoes
The concrete and cold sweat
Heart about to burst
Feeding my infinite thirst
For Truth
I catch Moabites
Sighing I feed their souls to
The deepest depths of Hell
Are too good for them
Their fatal sin has been
Coming back again
But as the world continues
To spin
The illusions must inevitably

My soul flies through
Eternal skies
Abiding so deep within
The Abyss
I dream of
Tantric trysts
With the Goddess Kali
I fight wars of Light with
My brother Arjuna
By my side
The voice of Krishna
Calls us
To battle
The Hoards of Darkness
Wail like cattle
Evil befalls us
And yet peace not strife
Fill both hearts and minds
Living life to rise
Hear my joyful cries!

My thirst for life
A collage flowing by
A montage of
Brighter days
Sweet memories sustain me
Barrages of pain
Maintain the dimensions of
The game
The fatal flaw of Ego
A stain
Upon my soul and yet
Still I’m floating high
I pen these words with an open
And glowing third eye.

Delving deep within
The Truth comes to Light
My Eternal Soul
My Eternal Fight
Between my worldly goals
And otherworldly shoals
Between my
Family and friends
My spirit’s left to fend
For itself
Amongst the teeming hoards
Of jealous crabs and
Wily sharks
Knifes tenderly stabbing backs
Foul deeds done
In the dark.

Evoking Ancestral Spirits
In abeyance of life’s pitfalls
I pen power-filled and
Soulful lyrics
In the conveyance of
Divinity’s clarion call
Freeing minds
Checking the Time
Being in the world
But not of the world
Ego hurled into the space
Of multiple lifetimes
Lifelines designed to
Save the Soulful Ones
While simultaneously
Witholding pearls from
The lowest
Of swine.

I seek Gnosis through conflict
I do crimes like a convict
Deflating Egos and Time
With Jedi Mind Tricks
I soar like Neo
The Sun that shines
Avatar Divine and
Possessor of the utmost
Cosmic energy
Intimate brother and lover
of the sublime goddess Trinity
Love outshines the stars
Beyond the sight of mortals

The crumbling concrete
Of society’s evolution
A sign that decline is
That Ego must be
Refined in
The Crucible
Of Knowledge and Wisdom
Like the constellations
Remind us
We’re only dust and water
Combined plus
The spark of G-d re-aligned

The Matrix of Life is a
State of mind
The crowds I flow through
Are impossible to find
On streets and byways
Visible to human eyes
On roads and highways
Divisible by humanity’s

Hear the cries
Reveal the lies
Observe the world with your
Third eye
And watching the skies.


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