Opening the doors
to different dimensions
may be as simple as
passing through Gates
between different states
of mind.

Traveling from one situation
to the next
From one experience to
a totally different
may be vexing to
the Soul
proving once and for all
that absolutely nothing
is under our

Being there for
cherished ones
commiserating with their
soulful songs
builds bonds of love
that transcend life
it’s funny the way strife
builds us up,
takes us from one way of
looking at the world
to another as we’re hurled
kicking and screaming
into the future,
never knowing what’s next,
bound to present the best
of us
as a show of trust to those
consigned to travel this life
from water to dust
birth to death
the mundane moments of
existence the hidden

Being involved in one type of
either church-going or
forms our impressions
our habits of Being
being answers to the question
of why we’re here at all
keeping our heads down
close to the ground
or shouting out loud and
standing tall.

Opening eyes
to examine the skies
for hidden signs awakens
knowledge of the Divine
as we leave all preconceptions

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