Awakening Into Destiny

Blinding light and
indistinct shadows moving
formlessness forms to
reveal an open door that I
walk through
to find her there


All around us are Beings of Light


Without words they speak to us
reminding us of the reason we
will meet
the reason why we decided
the reason for

the job we have to do.

The destiny we must fulfill
beyond Time
beyond us all is a space
extending beyond that
the galaxy one of an infinite array expanding
into eternity

scintillating disks of conscious intention.

she was before me
her auric colors brilliant
I aligned to her
to the North we faced
then the East
the West and South

then we both knelt.

Facing each other our hands raised
the intonation of the Beings of Light raised
in counterpoint harmony around us

the music of the spheres.

Our hands met and


Darkness, pounding vibrating earthquakes of
movement and confusion
pain as pressure builds around me a
pushing, thrusting force in one direction up
down and outward then


Brilliance, fluids rushing from new lungs
breath rushing in, held, amazement and wonder
pain and confusion in the out-breath we
cry out

born to this life.

An open door into existence appeared
finding me wanting
waiting for Now to appear while Time


And her eyes
new to the world opened seeing the Light
reflecting our twinned and perfect sight
our destinies laid out between birth and
death like a map

made of love and heartache.

Echoing laughter spans Creation
as Divinity’s plan manifests to perfection
and we live the lives we chose

before life.

Her and I

She and he
made of stardust vibrating to the rate
of Love cubed
materialized and situated

Here and Now.

Awakening into Destiny


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