When I Awoke

Do I wish to awaken?

When I awoke
everything looked different
everything I loved
dropped away.

When I opened my eyes
I looked at my wife
and children
and walked away.

When I saw clearly
All of the illusions shattered
and what lay beneath
shone forth.

When I opened my eyes
No secret was hidden
No lost thing

When I awoke
I finally saw who I was
and with the seeing
became that.

Do you wish to awaken?


One response to “When I Awoke

  1. I’m the sort of person who looks around, and when my reality fails to live up to the pretty dreams I tried to create for myself, I stop working forward. I unravel my situation, and working backward, determine how to get what I want. Rather than awaken from my best dreams, I push harder, and force my dreams upon the waking world, little by little. Then again, perhaps we’re saying the same thing, or talking about the same trip in terms of two routes.

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