Reflecting on Forever’s Momentum …

Reflecting on Forever’s Momentum …

… driving time blindly into the future
reveals mimes as tarot-reading
diviners of mind and soul,
any street-corner rendition
the deepest morality tale of perdition
in mortal form,
a fool clowning for the crowd
the gods appeased by
inner cries screamed out loud
by broken minds and spoken souls,
living moment to moment
with hidden intentions and secret goals.

No one knows Self like ego
whose dedication to the
“Here we go again” syndrome
is infamous and intimate both,
speak low and don’t gather a crowd
too close, don’t boast, don’t roast a fool
and don’t toast to those who broke
the rules to reach the heights they sought;
dance with the one that brung you
and don’t smoke the drugs they brought,
fight the wars they fought
or love the way they’ve taught.

In other words, let time do that thing
that lets you soar on broken wings
filled with the light of inner sight
that tells you who you are and what
you want, despite the taunts of others
that haunt your dreams, still your aspirations
and dull your motivation to reach
that higher station,
that goal that you and only you can see,
that you and only you
can be …

… fly free at a moment’s whim
life’s not so grim.

Steal a second of pleasure’s time
to find that place and space
of the Divine.

Remind yourself of beauty whenever you can,
try to stand away from your life every day –
look away to seek within to find what lies
beneath the skin and connects you to
what is beyond sin, what is true
and lies beyond every clue
left by gods and men.

Pretend … that this moment,
right here right now, is

the End.

That time stops …

… flip flops and twists space

into another place beyond the

limited confines of your mind

and spirit soars …

… time’s grasp lessens and brilliance ensues,
peace enfolds perception and deception ceases,
motivations become clear and utter truth unleashes
the soul from experience and life no longer flies by

… life …

… simplifies.


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