Distant Shores of Neurotic Lands

Non-anticipatory resonation to the stimuli of Material Incarnation defines a life, manifested through periods of strife, pain, material loss, then gain. Projecting Intention into the void confines potential lines of thoughts, anticipates droughts that comprise our experiential states, relating the deepest spiritual truths to the infinite proofs of our physical existences.

Born of woman
and man
Infinite Souls
moments in time
refined by
elemental strands
of DNA.

Spiraling, whirling referential possibilities outside of time coalesce and regurgitate templates of Archetypal Dramas, Spiritual Karma dictating the Passion Play, relating the state of consciousness implied to the Cosmic Law inside. Each of us, replicated infinitely, wisdom trined holistically defined as Holographic Realities, souls encapsulated materially, ethereally bound to the conditions of our lives, spirituality denied, the negation of the Divine, imminently implied.

consistent yet
perceptively distant
we are
the Stars of our own
Mutual Assured Destruction
lifetimes contoured
by our tacit induction
into the
varied and sundry
Halls of Worldly Disfunction.

Life demands a plan, yet we stand at the Crossroads unmanned, our fears projecting tears into future years, our heartache raising the stakes as episodic breaks in consciousness set in, leaving us stranded upon Distant Shores of Neurotic Lands too strange to know, discomfort shot over the bow of ships drawn – remote as the dawn – faraway as defined by space, and time: illusory hulks looming over us, rather insistent upon reminding us of our lurking mortality. Potentiality unbound, astounding possibilities rebound within the mental confines of infinite sound, it is only through gnosis that our experience is Crowned.

Chess pieces battle
upon the
Board of Materiality

Knights and Pawns
tattle as
Kings and Queens
prattle on
rejecting the Truth
in favor of physical

The Bishop is crucified
– worldliness edified –
and Castles crash down
while the Pawns
gather round.

Tesla and Einstein play chess in the lane, while Schrödinger’s cat purrs and preens in disdain of the Vanity of Man, humanity’s Last Stand is only part of a plan beyond the ken of most men. Ignorant complacency defines the times, Chimes of Truth ring loud but aloof, evading detection by the most skillful of sleuths. True knowledge is not found in college and the road of contempt-ridden indignation is full, traversed by fools and lost souls, with no real sight of the hidden goal. With no less of an idea, the faithful intone the Ave Maria, content to pretend till the arrival of The End.


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